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Overview. This page describes how to manually eject the disc tray from your Xbox 360 console when the eject button doesn't work. ... Note If a disc is in the tray, make sure that it is not sticky and does not have a label that might prevent the tray from opening again in the future. ... If the disc tray does not open, try the next step.

Apr 4, 2013 ... So this is a common problem for xbox users where the tray will not open sometimes. ... The actual disc-tray wheel is directly underneath the center of the tray, so if you're careful enough that works too. Worked for me better that way, but thanks a bunch for legit pointers on where to begin!:) (I have a foolish ...
Dec 1, 2011 ... Short and easy way to fix your Xbox 360 Elite tray problem.
Apr 9, 2017 ... Quick guide to fixing a stuck disk drive on an original xbox (works on 360s as well )
Jan 27, 2015 ... In this video i show you guys 4 different ways to open your Xbox 360's disc tray if it is jammed and will not open on its own, like it should. I know this vi...


It's acting against the power of the magnet when it does this and so if the belt isn't tight on the spindles it is much more likely to slip meaning the tray doesn't open. Putting a thin plastic or cardboard spacer over the magnet is the recommended solution but to do this requires opening the Xbox and partially dismantling the disc ...


Jun 19, 2006 ... Help!!! My Xboxs disc tray wont open!!!! - posted in Xbox: All of a sudden my XBOX's disc tray won't eject. Everything else seems fine... the game in there boots up normally. The light behaves the same way it always does. If I press the eject button I get the Xbox dashboard, but once it reads the disc it boots ...


Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive: Repairing a DVD tray in an Xbox 360 that is sticking or will not open.


I dropped a cell phone on the disc tray of my Xbox 360 when it was open. Now the tray won't close and makes a clicking noise. How can I fix this? - Xbox 360.