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Jan 19, 2018 ... Testosterone replacement drugs have been FDA-approved prescription drugs for more than 60 years. In recent years, manufacturers have found a new market: older men. Numerous lawsuits were filed against manufacturers alleging that the drugs increase health risks. Cases alleging that the ...


May 1, 2017 ... The Eighth Circuit vacated the district court's order directing Pfizer to pay attorney's fees in an order remanding to state court. The Eighth Circuit agreed with plaintiffs that the filing of the satisfaction of judgment has mooted the appeal, and vacated the district court's order directing Pfizer to pay attorney's fees ...


Three selected carbohydrate-based fat replacers which were derived from pectin, gums, and oat bran (Sledid, Kel-Lire BK and Trimchoice-5, respective- ly) were used at a@ed rate in biscuits while shortening was reduced at 33, 66 and 100%. The principal effects of each fat substitute on biscuit quality varied with the fat ...


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Catherine Gropper. Benjamin Jacobson. Johnson Controls, Inc. Benjamin V. Lambert. Hinda and Arthur Marcus. Leslie Myers. Nancy and Morris W. Offit. Michael .... Mars, Incorporated. Morgan Stanley. Nestle. PepsiCo. Pfizer. PricewaterhouseCoopers. Related Companies. Samsung Institute of Safety and Environment.


Mars, Incorporated. Morgan Stanley. NewPage Corporation. PepsiCo. Pfizer. PricewaterhouseCoopers. Related Companies. Samsung Institute of Safety and .... Emily V. Wade. Chris Wanha. David Warshaw. Sharon Weirick. Jennifer Wells. Donn Williams. John Williamson. Andrew and Christine Winston. Roger and Sue  ...


Mr. Thomas P. Neale. Ms. Laura S. Nystrom. Ms. Gale V. Paul. Ms. Alison Payne. James A. Peckham. Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Petersen. Ms. Sheree M. Petrone ... Bristol-Myers Squibb. Colgate. Eli Lilly & Company. Giant Food Stores. John Hancock. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson. Matthew Eichmann Design. Pfizer, Inc .


We achieve our shared vision of a healthy planet through collaboration with the Sierra. Club, our donors, and stakeholders. We embrace integrity through ethics, excellence, and transparency to ensure the trust of our donors and partners. We demonstrate stewardship in all we do through careful development and ...


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