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Ybarra v. Spangard was a leading case in California discussing the exclusive control element of res ipsa loquitur. "where a plaintiff receives unusual injuries ...


Does the Illinois state statute that allows authorities to search persons on the premises during the execution of a valid search warrant violate the Fourth and ...


Citation. Ybarra v. Spangard, 25 Cal. 2d 486 (Cal. Dec. 27, 1944) Brief Fact Summary. In a personal injury action, the Superior Court of Los Angeles.


Hospital 31 Cal2d 290 188 P2d 12 (1947); Ybarra v Spanguard 25 Cal2d. 486 154 P2d 687 (1944); ... evidential tool in the armament of a 'patient - plaintiff'. 2.


Case opinion for DC Court of Appeals TUCKSON v. ... Id. (quoting Armament Sys. ..... with respect to the person to be searched or seized” (quoting Ybarra v.


During this council the Chief of Staff of the army, Gen. v. ...... bullets" had been delivered since October of this year by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company for the armament of the English Army. ...... Ybarra, T.R., "The Men of the Emden", 816 .


during V/STOL operation, thrust reversing, formation flying and armament firing. Gas ingestion ... H. C. Melick, Jr., A. H. Ybarra, and D. P. Bencze. Estimating ...


and was exercised reasonably.8 In the subsequent Nectow v. City of Cambridge9 decision, the Court ...... tal weapon in the armament of affirmative zoning for adequate housing of families in all income ...... See also Ybarra v. City of Los Altos.


Albright, Frederick E, T/Sgt, 38197764, 716 · Drinan, Edward V. Aldape, Santiago R, S/Sgt, 38553530, 717 · Conway, George T., Jr. Alderson, Erskine, Sgt ...