Bullet time is a visual effect or visual impression of detaching the time and space of a camera ... who, in the 1940s, captured now-iconic photos of bullets using xenon strobe lights to "freeze" .... Jump up to: Argy, Stephanie (21 January 2001).

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argy. She had no history of meningitis or other inflamma- tory conditions. There were no focal ... culap MINOP endoscope with a Xenon light source was.


by Stephanie Argy ... did extensive research on portable light sources, including LED flashlights, Xenon flashlights and HID flashlights, which are used by divers.


xenon washout measures blood flow per unit tissue mass. ( 14). Utilizing this ...... TA, Argy. WP Jr, Giacalone. A,. Schreiner. GE: Hemodialysis in the eighth and.


dos Santos, Claudio(1). d'Argy, Roland(1). Öhrström, Lars(1) ...... xenon. 131.3. 55. Cs. caesium. 132.9. 56. Ba. barium. 157.3. 57-71. lanthanoids. 72. Hf. hafnium.


Time evolution of outlet currents in helium and helium-xenon plasma stream. Values of ...... argy un it. Neutron spectrum form Cf-252 source in 3U irradiation end.