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New to yoga? Try these basic yoga poses to get stronger and more flexible.


Build a foundation in yoga with these beginners' poses - appropriate for those just starting out with yoga. Explore lunges, cat-cow, happy baby and more.


Here are ten of the most important yoga poses for beginners to help you stretch, warm up, and get you ready to start your yoga practice.


Jan 12, 2015 ... These yoga poses are perfect for beginners looking to achieve more flexibility from head to toe.

Jul 20, 2016 ... Are you a beginner to yoga? Watch this video to learn basic yoga stretches for beginners to increase flexibility & blood circulation.


Jul 9, 2013 ... New to yoga? Check out these basic positions to warm up for your first studio class.


Jul 23, 2015 ... Scared to get into down dog, let alone walk into the yoga studio? These seven beginner yoga poses will have you feeling like a pro.


Jul 21, 2014 ... Here are five basic poses that will help you feel better in your own skin, and they don't take long if you want to include them in your daily routine ...


Mar 26, 2013 ... Yoga is a great mind-body exercise, but if you've never done yoga, where do you ... Try these eight instructor-recommended poses for beginners.