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Schwartz RS(1), Shuman WP, Larson V, Cain KC, Fellingham GW, Beard JC, Kahn ... and specific fat depots (computed tomography [CT]), in healthy young (n = 13; ... percent body fat, and fat mass (all P less than .001) only in the older men.


Jul 3 2014, Brief of respondent Burl Cain, Warden in opposition filed. ... Jan 27 2015, Brief amici curiae of Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero, Jr., et al. filed.


Dec 13, 2017 ... 13:1381.1(B), which “compensate[s] court reporters for the preparation of all ... 10 The court later ordered Cain to pay $1,800 in restitution.11. Brown received a ..... Catrett, 477 U.S. 317, 322-23 (1986); Little v. Liquid Air Corp. ...... in their official capacities, pursuant to the doctrine of Ex parte Young”). Thus ...


Jan 1, 2016 ... Cain: Developing a Matter of Disability and Death, 49 Loy. ..... 2014) (2015), http ://www.gwlr.org/brumfield-v-cain/ (citing Nancy J. King et al., Habeas ...... weight, 152 commitment to mental health facilities at a young age, and.


Docket Number: 2:2015cv01533. Cain et al v. .... Date: November 29, 2017. Docket Number: 2:2017cv02222. Young v. LeBlanc et al. Date: November 29, 2017


In this study we investigated the relation between young children's comprehension ... Kate Cain Email author; Jane V. Oakhill; Marcia A. Barnes; Peter E. Bryant ... skill and inference-making ability even when knowledge was equally available to all participants. .... Cite this article as: Cain, K., Oakhill, J.V., Barnes, M.A. et al.


The complaint, titled Lewis et al. v. Cain et al., was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana. In challenging the inadequate medical care, ...


Aug 1, 2018 ... To cite this article: Jane V. Oakhill & Kate Cain (2011): The Precursors of .... direct influence on reading comprehension (Vellutino et al., 2007).


Jun 24, 2011 ... The Precursors of Reading Ability in Young Readers: Evidence From a Four-Year Longitudinal Study ... J.V. Oakhill et al. Language and ...