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Oct 16, 1989 ... The forward-backward charge asymmetries of theb andc quarks are measured with the JADE detector at PETRA at $$\sqrt s = 35$$ GeV and 44 GeV using both electrons and muons to tag the heavy quarks. At.


Oct 16, 1989 ... Results are presented on an investigation of photons produced in multihadronic final states frome+e− annihilation at 35 GeV and 44 GeV center of mass energies . Scalling violation between 14 and 44 GeV.


Apr 6, 1990 ... Resonance production in the γγ reactions e+ e−→ e+ e+ e− π0 π0 and e+ e− π0 η has been studied with the JADE detector at PETRA. The decay widths into γγ of the f2(1270), a0(980) and a2(1320) were...


P. K. Thomas et al. Middleton-Price et al., 1990; Hallam et al., 1992). This form with EcoR1 and hybridized with probes VAW409R3a and was termed HMSN Ia ( or ...... V, Trask BJ, et al. DNA duplication associated with Charcot-Marie-. Hughes RAC, et al. Coexistence of hereditary motor and sensory. Tooth disease type 1a.


Nov 6, 2003 ... The first locus for dominant intermediate CMT (DI-CMT) was mapped to 10q24.1- q25.1 (DI-CMTA [MIM 606483) in an Italian family (Verhoeven et al. ..... Bittles AH, Geogieva V, Middleton L, Thomas PK (1996) Gene mapping in Gypsies identifies a novel demyelinating neuropathy on chromosome 8q24.


Dec 4, 2012 ... Patients who carry the d3/d3 genotype showed increased rates of GVHD in some (Cavet, et al 2001, Middleton, et al 1998), but not other studies. ..... Etanercept, mycophenolate, denileukin or pentostatin plus corticosteroids for acute graft vs. host disease: a randomized phase II trial from the BMT CTN.


Jul 21, 2014 ... Several mathematical models based on the Xenopus mGRN have been developed and analysed to provide greater understanding of how mesendoderm forms (Saka and Smith, 2007; Middleton et al., 2009). Saka and Smith (2007) show that a simple negative feedback loop can reproduce experimental ...


A plethora of events are being held this year to celebrate John Zorn's 60th birthday. On 12 July Zorn preforms with Mike Patton, Marc Ribot and others at London Barbican. For his birthday, Zorn's asked Patton, Ribot, Sean Lennon and others to put words to tracks from his back catalogue. As well as lyricised Zorn, the night ...


Biology-based markers that can be used to confirm the diagnosis of chronic graft- versus-host disease (GVHD) or monitor progression of the disease could help in the evaluation of new therapies. Biomarkers have been defined as any characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of a normal ...