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Aug 4, 2006 ... (Other Names: Altiplánico, Andean Highland Cat, Andean Mountain Cat, Andenkatze, Bergkatze, Chat des Andes, Chinchay, Gato Andino, Gato Chacra, Gato ... border, I observed and video-taped an adult male Andean cat.

Cat Chat 60 Margaret Gates Feline Nutrition. Cat Chat 60 .... Size and Appearance: The Andean Mountain Cat is a small but sturdy cat with long soft fur, which is a pale silvery gray in color. ... Distribution: Andes Mountains of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. ..... I highly recommend every child and adult visit this place.

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Feb 1, 2002 ... Recent field surveys searching for the rare Andean mountain cat, Oreailurus jacobita, have had ... Because I had only 2 subadult and 3 adult specimens of O. jacobita, no statistical tests were ...... Souvenir d'un chat des Andes.

Learn about traditional Andean cooking techniques during a pachamanca lunch .... will have room to play in the backyard while teens and young adults chat and ...

Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobita) is a small wild cat native to the high .... Total population can be below adults, with a declining trend. .... chat andes.

Sep 28, 2012 ... Review of the Andean armored catfishes of the genus Dolichancistrus .... Ridge of hypertrophied odontodes present in adults in region from anterior portion of ...... Cat Chat, Journal of the catfish study group (UK), 3: 11-30.

Jan 26, 2018 ... The Andean cat Leopardus jacobita is one of the few small felids classified as .... ber and age estimates (adult or kittens) of the cats they had seen. ..... Chapron G ( 1999) Évaluation du statut du chat des Andes. (Oreailurus ...