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Danger music is an experimental form of avant-garde 20th and 21st century music. It is based ... Works such as this are also sometimes referred to as anti- music because they seem to rebel against the concept of music itself. Danger music is ...


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04-27-05. Hot on the heels of The Pentology (sic) comes the ANTI-MUSIC COLLECTIVE's first music video: Download: LARGE 16.1MB or small 6.2MB. 03- 20-05


antimusic (usually uncountable, plural antimusics). (music) Any form of music that defies convention to such a degree that some people would not recognise it as ...

Feb 25, 2013 ... Antimusic - Result Of Quantum This is certainly the most horrible music ever...
Dec 15, 2008 ... Copyright goes to John Darnielle i saw you on tv doing a bad imitation of van morrison and i saw you on tv doing a bad imitation of a second ...


Anti-Music Song Lyrics: I saw you on TV / Doing a bad imitation of Van Morrison / And I saw you on TV / Doing a bad imitation of a second rate songwriter from ...


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Richard Reed Parry is thrilled to announce that he has signed to ANTI- Records and will be ... The album is Deafheaven's second full-length for ANTI- Records.