Bengal is a geopolitical, cultural and historical region in South Asia, specifically in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent at the apex of the Bay of Bengal.


Bengali or Bengalese may refer to something of, from, or related to: Contents. 1 Location; 2 People; 3 Culture; 4 Other; 5 See also. Location[edit]. Bengal, Indian  ...


Bengali also known by its endonym Bangla is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Bengalis in the Indian subcontinent. It is the official and most ...


1. The Bengali language, also known as Bangla, the official language of Bangladesh and the main language in the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal.


Bengali: Bengali, majority population of Bengal, the region of northeastern South Asia that generally corresponds to the country of Bangladesh and the Indian ...


Bengali is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken in mainly Bangladesh and in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and South Assam by about 300 ...

Nov 15, 2008 ... I hope she is Bangladeshi Bengali not INDIAN (west Bengal) BENGALI ...! Her Bengali ... I'm Bengali but i can always speak in 5 languages.


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