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Join hundreds of global business leaders dedicated to performance and capability improvement from an array of backgrounds, countries, and experiences. You'll experience a series of workshops, keynotes, and interactive sessions focused on delivering actionable insights on what it means to be a capable, mature ...


Nov 28, 2017 ... Building capability for new digital leadership, pedagogy and efficiency.


Hiring solutions for nonprofits who want to hire superior executives such as executive directors, development personnel, fundraising professionals, public relations, marketing, financial, and program directors.


Beam Capability Matrix. Apache Beam provides a portable API layer for building sophisticated data-parallel processing pipelines that may be executed across a diversity of execution engines, or runners. The core concepts of this layer are based upon the Beam Model (formerly referred to as the Dataflow Model), and ...


Apr 14, 2011 ... The capability approach is a theoretical framework that entails two core normative claims: first, the claim that the freedom to achieve well-being is of primary moral importance, and second, that freedom to achieve well-being is to be understood in terms of people's capabilities, that is, their real opportunities ...


The Financial Capability Center works to provide financial education, counseling and coaching to the local community by combining Merrimack's determination to provide an innovative educational experience to our students with Merrimack's service values through experiential service-learning opportunities.


Jul 24, 2017 ... The Queensland Science Capability Directory provides information on the State's key research capabilities, science expertise, and collaboration and investment opportunities. The Directory is searchable by research sector, key topics, geographic location and name.


By improving and increasing your capabilities, you'll have the building blocks in place to enable your business to grow. Whether you plan to expand internationally or increase your domestic capabilities, the following areas may require improvement.


This chapter describes several statements that are generally used with the CAPABILITY procedure: The PROC CAPABILITY statement is required to invoke the CAPABILITY procedure. You can use this statement by itself to compute summary statistics. The VAR statement, which is optional, specifies the variables in the input ...