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Aug 3, 2010 ... The stereotype is that women are interested in relationships, and that only men would be interested in totally casual sex, right? We know that's not true ... She made it clear that she wanted to meet up, and while she talked about starting slow, it was clear that it would indeed be a casual encounter. But when I ...


Apr 17, 2009 ... Melvin called it a “shame” and reiterated his safety policy, adopted after his close call with the obese woman in her darkened apartment. “That's why I'm always cautious, always meet in public,” he said. Michael, 34, a straight man who lives in Midtown Manhattan and who has been using the Casual ...


Nov 12, 2015 ... I want a casual hookup, not a relationship – how do I say that on Tinder? ... I am looking for a semi-regular hookup with someone I can get to know over time and explore my sexuality, but I am not ready to actually meet someone for the longer term. ... A lot of people, men and women, can't handle that.