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Games. Issue, Year, Month, Tabletop game reviews, Video game reviews, Book/ Puzzle/Toy reviews, Other, Contact. 1–105. 106 (Vol 15, #4), 1991, December.


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A lot of them on this site: Borovoye, Shchuchye, Kotirkol, Small and Big chebache . Geographically this area belongs to the Kokshetau highlands. Tourists call it ...


Lakes Borovoe, Chebache, Shchuchie, Koturkul are among mountains, - huge natural storage of fresh water. Water in them is transparent and you can the ...


Board game patented by Scott D. Pardee, which combines elements of backgammon, checkers, and chess. Online there is a Chebache discussion group.


BackDraft Чебаче : 1. Chebache v2.8. Домино : 1. Dominoes for Windows v3.58. Сеги : 4. SShogi 2.0; Spear 6.1; WinShogi 1.0.1; Shogi Variants 1.55a.


Pax, USD/pax. 8, 1072. 10, 1022. 12, 986. 14, 947. Single supplement, 335. Accommodation. Place, Accommodation. Almaty, Ramada Hotel (****). Tashkent  ...


On the isthmus between the lakes of Borovoe, Big Chebache (About Lake Big Chebache information here) offering magnificent views. It is perfectly visible ...


... Cara (Chara, Fachara, Fakara, Nfachara, Pakara, Tariya, Tera, Teriya, Terri); Cen (Chen); Centúúm (Cen Tuum); Che (Bache, Inchazi, Kuche, Rukuba, Sale) ...