Exploit means to take advantage of something (a person, situation, etc.) for on. Exploit can mean: Exploit (natural resources) · Exploit (computer security) · Exploit ...


Exploit definition is - deed, act; especially : a notable or heroic act. How to use exploit in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of exploit.


exploit definition: 1. to use something in a way that helps you: 2. to use someone or something unfairly for your own advantage: 3. something unusual, brave, ...


An exploit is a heroic act or notable deed. The King Arthur legends are full of stories of the exploits of the Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Lancelot and ...



Define exploit. exploit synonyms, exploit pronunciation, exploit translation, English dictionary definition of exploit. n. 1. An act or deed, especially a brilliant or ...


This definition explains the meaning of exploit, also known as computer exploit, and how attackers find and use exploits.


Exploit definition: If you say that someone is exploiting you, you think that they are treating you unfairly... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


An exploit is a general term for any method used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to computers, the act itself of a hacking attack, or a hole in a system's ...