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DexOS is a 32-bit operating system written in x86 assembly. It is designed for coders that want direct access to all hardware (including CPU and graphics), with well-commented code and documentation. It's licensed under a free to use license for commercial and non-commercial use. It is written and maintained by Craig ...


That's why GM Powertrain engineers developed the dexos® engine oil specification. The result is engine oil designed specifically for your GM engine, with added performance in areas important to its operation. dexos® represents a high quality, robust oil formulated to some of the most rigorous specifications in the industry.


Nov 15, 2015 ... What is dexos oil? And why do I have to use it in my vehicle? Get your answers here, courtesy of Oil Can Henry's.


Specifically designed to meet the needs of GM gasoline engines. Improved viscometric properties, creating less friction in the engine, which contributes to improved fuel economy. Resists aeration, which enables fuel-saving devices, such as Variable Valve Timing, to work optimally. Offers improved protection against ...


AGCO provides overall lowest costs of vehicle ownership. We do this by providing extremely high quality automotive service, following the theories and practices of Dr. W. Edwards Deming., GM dexos oil standard.


General Motors dexos® Licensing Program. dexos1™ (First Generation) These licenses are obsolete as of September 1, 2017. Oils meeting first generation dexos1™ specification are listed below. Click HERE to return to list of oils meeting improved dexos1™ Gen 2 specification. Print Table ...


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Jul 26, 2011 ... GM's new oil product, Dexos, consolidates its five prior recommended oil specifications into two blends: Dexos1 for gasoline-powered vehicles and Dexos2 for diesels. GM and other automakers warn that failure to use their factory -specified oils could void a car's warranty. These new oil specifications can ...


The dexos™ specification sets a high standard, requiring both improvements in fuel economy and fuel economy retention over the life of the oil while at the same time requiring improvements in oil robustness. It is also designed to perform where GM‟s engine technology requires enhanced performance to operate at its best ...