Chasm definition is - a deep cleft in the surface of a planet (such as the earth) ... See the full definition for chasm in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Chasm definition, a yawning fissure or deep cleft in the earth's surface; gorge. See more.


chasm. A chasm is a deep divide, either literal or figurative, such as a giant chasm in an ice cap or the growing chasm between two friends who haven't spoken ...



chasm meaning: 1. a very deep, narrow opening in rock, ice, or the ground: 2. a very large difference between two opinions or groups of people: 3. a deep ...


chasm definition: The definition of chasm is a divergence of feelings or interests of two people or a group. (noun) An example of a chasm is an argument that ...


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Define chasm. chasm synonyms, chasm pronunciation, chasm translation, English dictionary definition of chasm. n. 1. A deep, steep-sided opening in the earth's ...


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