The iris dilator muscle is a smooth muscle of the eye, running radially in the iris and therefore fit .... Being a dictionary of the technical terms used by writers on medicine and the collateral sciences, in the Latin, English, French, and German ...


vocaby_dilatory, Integer, Recommended, Dilatory, 0;1;2, 0 = Fail; ... vocab_score, Integer, Recommended, Vocabulary Raw Score, 0 :: 68; 999, 0::60 for WISC-III; ...


Sep 9, 2011 ... You also have the vocabulary books that provide you with the best prep. Now, we need to ... In there, you see the word dilatory. Look familiar?


Thus, a dictionary of these and other civil-law terms might come ... CIVIL LAW/ COMMON LAW DICTIONARY .... A dilatory exception retards the progress of a.


diabolical very wicked or cruel. dilapidation decay. dilatory inclined to delay; slow or late in doing things. discomfiture uneasiness. diurnal occurring each day; ...


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