Mercenary definition is - one that serves merely for wages; especially : a ... See the full definition for mercenary in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Mercenary definition, working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal. See more.


mercenary. You might not want to call a mercenary a "hireling" to his face, but a mercenary is, after all, a soldier who gets paid to fight where needed, sometimes  ...


mercenary meaning: 1. interested only in the amount of money that you can get from a situation: 2. a soldier who fights for any country or group that pays them 3.


A 'mercenary' is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities by the ...


Define mercenary (adjective) and get synonyms. What is mercenary (adjective)? mercenary (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary .



Define mercenary. mercenary synonyms, mercenary pronunciation, mercenary translation, English dictionary definition of mercenary. adj. 1. Motivated solely by  ...


​(pl. mercenaries) a soldier who will fight for any country or group that offers payment foreign mercenaries mercenary soldiers Oxford Collocations Dictionary  ...