Odyssey definition is - a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many ... See the full definition for odyssey in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Ever since Homer's epic poem The Odyssey told the story of warrior Odysseus' ten-year journey home from Troy, odyssey has meant any epic journey.


Odyssey definition, an epic poem attributed to Homer, describing Odysseus's adventures in his ten-year attempt to return home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.


Odyssey definition: Odyssey is a Greek epic poem written by Homer about the long journey of a man named Odysseus, or a long and eventual journey or ...


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The first video game console. It came out in 1972 by Magnavox, and wasn't very complex at all, it's sequel the Odyssey 2, which came out in 1978 totally ruled, ...


My own attempts at teaching a course involving the kind of comparative and retrospective approaches outlined here have been a challenging odyssey both for ...


The noun odyssey denotes an important intellectual or physical journey, one which is filled with excitement and different experiences. An extended trip around a ...