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Meaning: "make ridiculous," from ridicule (n.) or else from French ridiculer, from ridicule. Meaning "make fun of" is from c. 1700.… See more definitions.


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proceeds); to make mouths at, ie Ridicule -- mock. see GREEK mukaomai. .... Noah Webster's Dictionary (vt) To laugh at with contempt; to ridicule; to laugh;


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A form of ridicule directed especially against individuals, with the purpose of humiliating them. Scripture condemns mockers as arrogant, unrighteous and foolish ...


VERB + RIDICULE attract, draw, receive | expose sb/sth to, hold sb/sth up to, treat sb/sth with | be open to, face, invite, risk | fear A faintly comic figure, he fears ...


Aug 30, 2017 ... Why is Mrs. Elton's handbag referred to as a "ridicule" rather than a ... the similar use of “reticule,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.