Summon definition, to call upon to do something specified. See more.


Summon definition is - to issue a call to convene : convoke. How to ... See the full definition for summon in the English Language Learners Dictionary. summon.


summon meaning: 1. to order someone to come to or be present at a particular place, or to officially arrange a meeting of people: 2. to increase your courage or  ...


Definition of summon - order (someone) to be present, make an effort to produce (a particular quality or reaction) from within oneself.


To summon is to formally call for the presence of someone. If, as soccer team captain, you find that your team members are an hour late for the big game, you ...


b. To cause one to think of (something); evoke. Often used with up: "Badly cured hippie fur ... maté, and paraffin heating oil are the scents that summon up my ...


Define summoning. summoning synonyms, summoning pronunciation, summoning translation, English dictionary definition of summoning. tr.v. sum· moned ...


Summon definition: If you summon someone, you order them to come to you. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


summon definition: To summon is to call up or evoke. (verb) An example of to summon is to gather up courage to jump from a high diving board....