Unexceptionable definition, not offering any basis for exception or objection; beyond criticism: an unexceptionable record of achievement. See more.


Unexceptionable definition is - not open to objection or criticism : beyond reproach : unimpeachable. How to use ... Dictionary Entries near unexceptionable.


If something is unexceptionable, don't bother trying to find something wrong with it — you won't. Your unexceptionable character makes you the perfect ...


unexceptionable definition: not bad; having nothing that anyone could criticize or disapprove of: . Learn more.


Choose Your Words - Clearly, past writers have confused the meanings of unexceptional and unexceptionable to an extent that meanings are expanding.


If you describe someone or something as unexceptionable, you mean that they are unlikely to be criticized or objected to, but are not new or exciting, and may ...


Define unexceptionable. unexceptionable synonyms, unexceptionable pronunciation, unexceptionable translation, English dictionary definition of ...


How to use unexceptionable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word unexceptionable. unexceptionable example sentences.


How do you spell Unexceptionable vs unexceptional? Learn the correct spelling of Unexceptionable vs unexceptional & other commonly misspelled words ...