This glossary of botanical terms is a list of terms relevant to botany and plants in general. Terms ...... Cyanobacteria that contain chlorophylls a and b and lack phycobilins. viscid: Sticky; coated with a thick, syrupy secretion. viviparous: 1. .... Henk Beentje (2010) The Kew Plant Glossary, an illustrated dictionary of plant terms.


Viscid definition is - having an adhesive quality : sticky. How to use viscid in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near viscid. visceripericardial · visceroparietal.


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Viscid definition, having a glutinous consistency; sticky; adhesive; viscous. See more.


viscid. The adjective viscid is used to describe something that is sticky or a thick, slow-moving liquid. If you bake bread and you get flour all over your counters, ...


Definition of viscid - having a glutinous or sticky consistency.


viscid (comparative more viscid, superlative most viscid) ... In careful usage, viscous is more often used for fluid flow, like honey, while viscid is used for a squishy ...


Define viscid. viscid synonyms, viscid pronunciation, viscid translation, English dictionary definition of viscid. adj. 1. Thick and adhesive. Used of a fluid. 2.


The flesh was ribboned across the wound, glistening with blood and a foreign, clear, viscid liquid that looked like saliva.Gregg Andrew Hurwitz MINUTES TO ...