Vivid definition, strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc.: a vivid green. See more.


Vivid definition is - very strong : very high in chroma. How to use vivid in a ... See the full definition for vivid in the English Language Learners Dictionary. vivid.


Vivid is an adjective that describes a bold and bright color, an intense feeling, or an image in your mind that is so clear you can almost touch it.


vivid meaning: 1. Vivid descriptions, memories, etc. produce very clear, powerful, and detailed images in the mind: 2. very brightly coloured: 3. brightly colored or ...


Definition of vivid - producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind, (of a colour) intensely deep or bright, (of a person or animal) l.


Synonyms of vivid - bright, bright-coloured, colourful, deep-coloured, brilliant.


Define vivid. vivid synonyms, vivid pronunciation, vivid translation, English dictionary definition of vivid. adj. viv·id·er , viv·id·est 1. Perceived as bright and distinct; ...


Are not the former no less vivid and detailed than the latter?Kishlansky, Mark A. ( editor) Sources of the West: Readings in Western Civilization, Volume 1: From ...


vivid definition: The definition of vivid is something that is bright, intense or full of life. (adjective) An example of vivid is the imagination of a child....