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lais·sez faire
[les-ey fair; French le-sey fer]
the theory or system of government that upholds the autonomous character of the economic order, believing that government should intervene as little as possible in the direction of economic affairs.
the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action.
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Oct 13, 2017 ... Define laissez-faire: a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary… — laissez-faire in a ...


Laissez-faire definition, of, relating to, or conforming to the principles or practices of laissez faire. See more.


Laissez-faire means "leave it alone." Usually it describes the economic policy of a government that stresses non-interference in business.


From the government allowing the business world to set its own course to your babysitter who let you do whatever you wanted — if something is laissez faire, ...


Definition of laissez-faire in US English - a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.