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An insult is an expression or statement (or sometimes behavior) which is disrespectful or scornful. Insults may be intentional or accidental. An insult may be factual, but at the same time pejorative, such as the word "inbred". Contents. [ hide]. 1 Jocular exchange; 2 Backhanded compliments; 3 Sexual; 4 Formal; 5 Anatomies ...


3 days ago ... Define backhanded: indirect, devious; especially : sarcastic; using or made with a backhandbackhanded in a sentence.


backhanded definition, meaning, what is backhanded: A backhanded remark seems pleasant but may really be a criticism or mean something…. Learn more.


Backhanded definition, performed with the hand turned backward, crosswise, or in any oblique direction so that the palm of the hand faces in the direction of the body and the back of the hand faces in the direction of forward movement. See more.


Backhand definition, a stroke, slap, etc., made with the palm of the hand turned toward the body and the back of the hand turned in the direction of the stroke, slap, etc. See more.


Since Michael is a pompous prick, I think I'll give him a backhanded compliment. #lefthanded compliments#insult compliment#back-handed compliment#second hand compliment#lefthand compliment#backhand compliment. by Ryan Deerhead September 05, 2006. 426 119. Get the mug. Get a backhanded compliment ...


Definition of backhanded - made with the back of the hand facing in the direction of movement, having a meaning that is expressed indirectly or ambiguously.


Mac praised the "polish" of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical and emphasized that this isn't a "backhanded compliment," because Mac's own work, though carefully scripted, is more accommodating of mess, sprawl, chance and chaos. Los Angeles TimesMar 13, 2018. That's not entirely a backhanded compliment: The ...


Define backhanded. backhanded synonyms, backhanded pronunciation, backhanded translation, English dictionary definition of backhanded. adj. 1. Sports Made with or using a backhand: a backhanded shot into the opponent's court. 2. Oblique or roundabout: "Maybe frustrating lack of plot is a...