Behoove definition is - to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for. How to ... See the full definition for behoove in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Behoove definition, to be necessary or proper for, as for moral or ethical considerations; be incumbent on: It behooves the court to weigh evidence impartially.


Behooves definition, use; advantage; benefit: The money was spent for his own behoof. See more.


D.F. Baggerson III: "I use words like "behoove" so people will assume that I'm cultured and ... It would behoove you to eat with your mouth closed on a date.


To behoove someone to do something is to make it advisable or necessary to do so, for their own good or that of others.


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behoove definition: The definition of behoove means to be necessary or appropriate for. (verb) An example of behoove is the effect a lecture on college ...


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Define behoove. behoove synonyms, behoove pronunciation, behoove translation, English dictionary definition of behoove. v. be·hooved , be·hoov·ing ...