The bilge /bɪldʒ/ is the lowest compartment on a ship or seaplane, below the waterline, where ... Look up bilge in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.


Bilge definition is - the bulging part of a cask or barrel. How to use bilge ... See the full definition for bilge in the English Language Learners Dictionary. More from ...


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bilge. The bilge is the lowest part of a ship where the bottom curves up to meet the sides. The water that collects there is also called bilge. Since bilge is dirty and  ...


bilge meaning: 1. nonsense: 2. the bottom inside part of a ship where dirty water collects: . Learn more.


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the part of a boat inside the hull but below the floor-boards.


bilge meaning, definition, what is bilge: the broad bottom part of a ship: Learn more.


bilge definition: 1. the bulge of a barrel or cask 2. the rounded, lower exterior part of a ship's hull 3. 4. [also pl.] the bottommost interior part of a ship 5. water that ...