Bleach definition is - to remove color or stains from. How to use ... See the full definition for bleach in the English Language Learners Dictionary. bleach. verb.


Bleach definition, to make whiter or lighter in color, as by exposure to sunlight or a chemical agent; remove the color from. See more.


bleach meaning: 1. a strong chemical used for cleaning things or removing colour from things 2. to remove the colour from something or make it lighter, with the ...


To bleach is to whiten, or to strip of color. After many summers of use, the sun will bleach your favorite beach towel.


1 cup of Bleach and see how it effects your life, just imagine a world of No ... Bleach is the easiest way to cure every problem you have and its cheaper than ...



bleach• Time allowed 00:13 Read in studio Ninety people are to lose their jobs at a bleach factory.• Clean rocks, plastic plants, etc in a bucket of warm water with ...


Define bleach (verb) and get synonyms. What is bleach (verb)? bleach (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


Define bleach. bleach synonyms, bleach pronunciation, bleach translation, English dictionary definition of bleach. v. bleached , bleach·ing , bleach·es v. tr. 1. a.