Blush definition is - outward appearance : view. How to use blush in a ... See the full definition for blush in the English Language Learners Dictionary. blush. verb.


Blush definition, to redden, as from embarrassment or shame: He blushed when they called him a conquering hero. See more.


A physiologic reaction involving dilation of the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, causing a red color. Often caused by embarrassment or shame.


Define blush (verb) and get synonyms. What is blush (verb)? blush (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


blush meaning: 1. to become pink in the face, usually from embarrassment: 2. a pink colour in the face, usually from embarrassment: 3. a pink wine. Learn more.


When you blush, you turn red because you are embarrassed. And, oddly enough, women wear the make-up variety of blush to add color to their cheeks — not to ...


You will blush with embarrassment and beat yourself up in the days that follow. Times, Sunday Times (2017)Smooth out sharp edges and make sure your blush  ...


Definition of blush - show shyness, embarrassment, or shame by becoming red in the face, be or become pink or pale red.


blush meaning, definition, what is blush: to become red in the face, usually becau ...: Learn more.