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Burial definition, the act or ceremony of burying. See more.


burial meaning: 1. the act of putting a dead body into the ground, or the ceremony connected with this: 2. the act of putting a dead body into the ground, or the ...


burial. A burial is the act of placing a dead person in a grave. It's a ritual of respect and closure. If your pet lizard dies, give him a proper burial by digging a little ...



burial definition: 1. the act of burying; esp., the burying of a dead body; interment 2. Archaeol. 3. a grave or tomb 4. the contents of a grave or tombOrigin of ...


burial meaning, definition, what is burial: the act or ceremony of putting a dead bo ...: Learn more.


Burial definition: A burial is the act or ceremony of putting a dead body into a grave in the ground. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


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