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Caste is a form of social stratification characterized by endogamy, hereditary transmission of a lifestyle which often includes an occupation, status in a hierarchy, and customary social interaction and exclusion. Although caste systems exist in various regions, its paradigmatic ethnographic example is the division of Indian ...


Caste definition, an endogamous and hereditary social group limited to persons of the same rank, occupation, economic position, etc., and having mores distinguishing it from other such groups. See more.


Define caste: one of the hereditary social classes in Hinduism that restrict the occupation of their members and their… — caste in a sentence.


Caste definition: A caste is one of the traditional social classes into which people are divided in a Hindu... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


caste definition, meaning, what is caste: a system of dividing Hindu society into classes, or any of these classes: . Learn more.


Definition of caste - each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social sta.


"Castes are systems of occupation, endogamy, social culture, social class, and political power, the assignment of individuals to places in the social hierarchy is determined by social group and cultural heritage. Although India is often now associated with the word "caste", it was first used by the Portuguese to describe ...


A caste system is a class structure that is determined by birth. Loosely, it means that in some societies, if your parents are poor, you're going to be poor, too. Same goes for being rich, if you're a glass-half-full person.


caste definition: The definition of caste is a system of hierarchical social classes, or a specific social class of people. (noun) When you are of a high social status, this is an example of your caste. The Brahmins are an example of a caste in th...