Catapult definition is - an ancient military device for hurling missiles. How to ... See the full definition for catapult in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


to move or spring up suddenly, quickly, or forcibly, as if by means of a catapult: The car catapulted down the highway. When he heard the alarm he catapulted ...


A catapult is something that hurls things through the air, like a catapult that sends pumpkins flying in an annual Halloween competition.


catapult meaning: 1. a device that can throw objects at a high speed: 2. a Y- shaped stick or piece of metal with a piece of elastic (= material that stretches) ...



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Define catapult. catapult synonyms, catapult pronunciation, catapult translation, English dictionary definition of catapult. n. 1. Any of various military machines ...


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Y-shaped device having a loop of elastic attached to the ends of the prongs and used for firing stones, ball bearings or other small objects (cf. slingshot, ...