Chide definition, to express disapproval of; scold; reproach: The principal chided the children for their thoughtless pranks. See more.


Chide definition is - to speak out in angry or displeased rebuke. How to use ... See the full definition for chide in the English Language Learners Dictionary. chide.


To chide someone is to ride them or get on their case, without really getting in their face.


Definition of chide - scold or rebuke. ... 'she chided him for not replying to her letters'. with direct speech ''Now, now,' he chided'. More example sentences.


chide meaning: 1. to speak to someone severely because they have behaved badly: 2. to speak to someone severely because the person has behaved badly: .


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What is Chide? Definition and meaning:CHIDE chid: Only in the Old Testament, translating Hebrew ribh, a word which is more frequently rendered 'strive.


Chide definition: If you chide someone, you speak to them angrily because they have done something wicked... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...