This adjective describes something that has tiny hair-like projections called cilia. Ciliated might be a new word to your vocabulary, but your body knows all about ...


Ciliated definition is - possessing cilia. How to use ciliated in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near ciliated. ciliary body · ciliary flame · ciliate · ciliated · cilice.


Ciliate definition is - any of a phylum or subphylum (Ciliophora) of ciliated ... ciliate. noun. cil·​i·​ate | \ ˈsi-lē-ət , -lē-ˌāt\ ... Dictionary Entries near ciliate. ciliary.


Cilia definition, minute hairlike organelles, identical in structure to flagella, that line the surfaces of certain cells and beat in rhythmic waves, providing locomotion ...


Ciliated definition, any protozoan of the phylum Ciliophora (or in some classification schemes, class Ciliata), as those of the genera Paramecium, Tetrahymena, ...


Define ciliated. ciliated synonyms, ciliated pronunciation, ciliated translation, English dictionary definition of ciliated. adj. Having cilia. Adj. 1. ciliated - having a  ...


Ciliated definition: possessing or relating to cilia | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


ciliate definition: having ciliausually cil′i·at·ed Origin of ciliateModern Latin from L: see cilia any of a phylum (Ciliophora) of microscopic protozoans ...


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