get to steppin before i pull out that clapper. ... Joel ward just fucking shot a clapper, eh? via giphy ... when a gun is fired it claps so there fore the gun is a clapper.


a metal ball that hangs inside a bell and hits the inside of the bell to make it ring. See the full definition for clapper in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Clapper definition, a person who applauds. See more.


clapper meaning: 1. a piece of metal that hangs inside a bell and makes the bell ring when it hits the sides 2. a piece of metal hanging inside a bell which makes ...


The tongue of a bell — the part inside that swings to make the bell ring — is called the clapper. The Liberty Bell cracked the first time the clapper struck the sides ...


Define clapper. clapper synonyms, clapper pronunciation, clapper translation, English dictionary definition of clapper. n. 1. One who applauds. 2. The tongue of  ...


Define clappers. clappers synonyms, clappers pronunciation, clappers translation, English dictionary definition of clappers. n. 1. One who applauds. 2.


clapper (third-person singular simple present clappers, present participle clappering, ... (See the entry for clapper in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, ...


Clapper definition: a person or thing that claps | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.