clout. When you speak of someone having clout, it usually means that they communicate a sense of power or influence, particularly in the political sense. " You'll ...


chiefly British : to hit (someone or something) hard especially with your hand. See the full definition for clout in the English Language Learners Dictionary. clout.


Influence or power in political and community circles. Originally popularized by Chicago journalist Mike Royko to describe local movers and shakers when ...


Clout definition, a blow, especially with the hand; cuff: The bully gave him a painful clout on the head. See more.


Jan 11, 2019 ... why make good tweets or good content or good anything when u can tweet im gay 24/7 and get a whole ass following and tons of clout.


clout meaning: 1. to hit someone or something with the hand or with a heavy object: 2. power and influence over other people or events: 3. the act of hitting ...


clout meaning, definition, what is clout: power or the authority to influence othe...: Learn more.



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