Cloying definition is - disgusting or distasteful by reason of excess; also ... See the full definition for cloying in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


If you're a cynic who favors dark, edgy humor and thrillers, you probably find romantic comedies with their hearts, flowers, and sappy happy endings cloying ...


Cloying definition, causing or tending to cause disgust or aversion through excess: a perfume of cloying sweetness. See more.


cloying meaning: 1. too sweet and therefore unpleasant: 2. too good or kind, or expressing feelings of love in a way that is not sincere: . Learn more.


cloyingly meaning: 1. in a way that seems good, kind, or loving but is too extreme, annoying, or not sincere: 2. in a way that is too sweet and therefore ...


Aug 22, 2013 ... The deathbed scenes in the novels of Dickens are famously cloying: as Oscar Wilde said, "One would need a heart of stone to read the death of ...


The heavy cloying unhappiness of the dream still clung around her like an aura. Barbara Erskine HIDING FROM THE LIGHT (2001)Its cloying scent brought on ...


Define cloying. cloying synonyms, cloying pronunciation, cloying translation, English dictionary definition of cloying. v. cloyed , cloy·ing , cloys v. tr. To cause ...


Define cloyingly. cloyingly synonyms, cloyingly pronunciation, cloyingly translation, English dictionary definition of cloyingly. v. cloyed , cloy·ing , cloys v. tr.