Conundrum definition is - an intricate and difficult problem. How to use ... See the full definition for conundrum in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Before he could even finish reading 17 across, Sean realized that the cruciverbalist otherwise known as Brandi had answered the conundrum in the white and ...


Conundrum definition, a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, as What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper. See more.


The tricky word conundrum is used to describe a riddle or puzzle, sometimes including a play on words or pun.


conundrum meaning: 1. a problem that is difficult to deal with: 2. a question that is a trick, often involving a humorous use of words that have two meanings 3. a ...


Definition of conundrum - a confusing and difficult problem or question.


conundrum definition: The definition of conundrum is a situation where there is no clear right answer or no good solution. (noun) An example of a conundrum is  ...


Conundrum definition: A conundrum is a problem or puzzle which is difficult or impossible to solve . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define conundrum (noun) and get synonyms. What is conundrum (noun)? conundrum (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.