What's the Difference Between copious, ample, and plentiful? ... See the full definition for copious in the English Language Learners Dictionary. copious.


Copious definition, large in quantity or number; abundant; plentiful: copious amounts of food. See more.


And it is daunting to discover from the book the range and extent of unrealized projects considered, sometimes deeply, by this extraordinarily copious creator.


If you have a copious amount of something, you have a lot of it. If you take copious notes, you'll do well when it comes time for review sessions — unless you ...


Definition of copious - abundant in supply or quantity.


I have placed 2-3 cans of spray on the sink & I am going to demand you start using them in copious (LARGE) amounts because the hallway is starting to smell  ...


co•pi•ous /ˈkoʊpiəs/USA pronunciation adj. large in quantity or number: She always takes copious notes in class. producing an abundant supply: a copious ...


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copious meaning, definition, what is copious: existing or being produced in large quan...: Learn more.