The cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating .... The dictionary definition of cravat at Wiktionary; The Art of Tying the Cravat (1828) by H. Le Blanc, Esq. (reprinted as ISBN 978-1-145-53416-2) ...


Cravat definition is - a band or scarf worn around the neck. ... See the full definition for cravat in the English Language Learners Dictionary. cravat. noun. cra·​vat ...


Medicine/Medical . a bandage made by folding a triangular piece of material into a band, used temporarily for a fracture or wound. Explore Dictionary.com.


A cravat is an old-fashioned, scarf-like necktie. If you come across some 18th- century portraits of wealthy men, you'll definitely see a few cravats.


"Tell me that I misunderstood a joke, but don't tell me that my choice of cravat is wrong." - David Niven "When you tie a cravat without your father's help, it means  ...


cravat meaning: a wide, straight piece of material worn loosely tied in the open neck of a shirt. Learn more.


Definition of cravat - a short, wide strip of fabric worn by men round the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt.


Define cravat (noun) and get synonyms. What is cravat (noun)? cravat (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


Cravat definition: A cravat is a piece of folded cloth which a man wears wrapped around his neck. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.