Crypt definition is - a chamber (such as a vault) wholly or partly underground; ... See the full definition for crypt in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


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Crypt definition, a subterranean chamber or vault, especially one beneath the main floor of a church, used as a burial place, a location for secret meetings, etc.


crypt. A crypt is a vault for burying the dead and is often underneath or part of a church building. Crypt rhymes with "gripped," and if you saw a corpse come out of  ...


crypt meaning: 1. a room under the floor of a church where bodies are buried 2. a room or rooms under the floor of a church where people are sometimes buried.


Define crypt. crypt synonyms, crypt pronunciation, crypt translation, English dictionary definition of crypt. n. 1. An underground vault or chamber, especially one ...


crypt• It was begun in 1084 and built over a seventh century church which now forms a crypt.• Hundreds of parishioners were working with bare hands, shovels ...


crypt definition: 1. an underground chamber or vault, as one under the main floor of a church, often, esp. formerly, serving as a burial place 2. Anat. any of ...


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