Discern definition is - to detect with the eyes. How to use discern in a sentence. ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with discern. Thesaurus: All synonyms ...


Discern definition, to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend: They discerned a sail on the horizon. See more.


discern. If you can make out, pick out, or distinguish something, you can discern it . This is a word for recognizing and perceiving things. Discerning has to do with ...


discern meaning: 1. to see, recognize, or understand something that is not clear: 2. to be able to see, recognize, understand, or decide something: . Learn more.


KJV Dictionary Definition: discern. discern. DISCERN, v.t. s as z. L., to separate or distinguish, Gr. 1. To separate by the eye, or by the understanding. Hence,. 2.


Define discern (verb) and get synonyms. What is discern (verb)? discern (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


What is Discern? Definition and meaning:DISCERN di-zurn': Five Hebrew words are thus translated: bin, yadha`, nakhar, ra'ah and shama`.


Define discern. discern synonyms, discern pronunciation, discern translation, English dictionary definition of discern. tr.v. dis·cerned , dis·cern·ing , dis·cerns 1.


discern meaning, definition, what is discern: to notice or understand something by thi...: Learn more.