Divert definition, to turn aside or from a path or course; deflect. See more.


2 days ago ... Divert definition is - to turn aside : deviate. ... Other Words from divert Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym ... Dictionary Entries near divert.


divert. To divert means to shift or turn from one thing to another. A magician might attempt to divert your attention as he shoves the rabbit into the hat. The police ...


divert meaning: 1. to cause something or someone to change direction: 2. to use something for a different purpose: 3. to take someone's attention away from ...


Define divert (verb) and get synonyms. What is divert (verb)? divert (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


divert definition: Divert is defined as to turn aside or distract from one direction to another. (verb) An example of divert is for a parent to bring a child to the park to ...


Define divert. divert synonyms, divert pronunciation, divert translation, English dictionary definition of divert. v. di·vert·ed , di·vert·ing , di·verts v. tr. 1. To turn aside ...


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