The terms data dictionary and data repository indicate a ... data dictionary document that catalogs the organization, contents, and ...


Jun 8, 2019 ... Document definition is - proof, evidence. How to use document in a sentence. ... Dictionary Entries near document. doctrine of descent.


Document definition, a written or printed paper furnishing information or evidence , as a passport, deed, bill of sale, or bill of lading; a legal or official paper.


document meaning: 1. a paper or set of papers with written or printed information, especially of an official type: 2. a text that is written and stored on a computer: ...


Document comes from the Latin verb meaning "to teach," so a document instructs you with the information it contains. Legal documents such as contracts contain ...



Define document. document synonyms, document pronunciation, document translation, English dictionary definition of document. n. 1. a. A written or printed ...


document meaning, definition, what is document: a piece of paper that has official infor...: Learn more.


Define document (verb) and get synonyms. What is document (verb)? document ( verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.