Feckless definition is - weak, ineffective. How to use feckless in a sentence. Did You Know? ... Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with feckless. Thesaurus: ...


If a newspaper editorial describes a politician as feckless, you might wonder, " What is feck, and why doesn't he have any?” In fact, the columnist is accusing the  ...


Feckless definition, ineffective; incompetent; futile: feckless attempts to repair the plumbing. See more.


At the same time, this individualisation of actions and morality enabled the ' feckless poor' to be blamed for their situation, in a way still politically familiar to us  ...


Definition of feckless - lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.


It's got the funniest picture showing Gayrab sitting on the deck of an empty swimming pool, doing what he does best... complete with a feckless laptop 'puter on ...


From Scots feckless, an aphetic variant of Scots fectless (“ineffectual”), equivalent .... 1913; feckless in The Century Dictionary, The Century Co., New York, 1911.


feckless meaning, definition, what is feckless: lacking determination, and not achieving...: Learn more.


Feckless definition: If you describe someone as feckless , you mean that they lack determination or strength ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...