Fervid definition, heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc.: a fervid orator. See more.


Fervid can be used to describe something that is physically hot such as “a fervid day in August,” but it is more often used to describe heated emotions like anger, ...


impassioned, passionate, ardent, fervent, fervid, perfervid mean showing intense .... See the full definition for fervid in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


Definition of fervid - intensely enthusiastic or passionate, especially to an excessive degree, hot, burning, or glowing.


Nor apparently was a fervid believer in magic; maybe the broom was waiting to be believed in. Gregory Maguire WICKED: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE ...


fervid definition: The definition of fervid is someone or something very hot or passionate. (adjective) An example of fervid is boiling water; the water was fervid.


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Definition of “fervent” - English Dictionary. American. American; English ... uk ​ / ˈfɜː.v ənt/ us ​ /ˈfɝː.v ənt/ also fervid formal. ​. › used to describe beliefs ...