Fester definition, to form pus; generate purulent matter; suppurate. See more.


Fester definition is - to generate pus. How to use fester in a sentence. Did You Know? ... Dictionary Entries near fester. festa · festal · festal letter · fester · festering.


Definition of fester - (of a wound or sore) become septic; suppurate.


fester meaning: 1. If a cut or other injury festers, it becomes infected and produces pus: 2. If an argument or bad feeling festers, it continues so that feelings of ...


To fester is to grow and spread, not in a good way. When a cut gets infected it starts to fester and smell bad. Emotional wounds stink too, like when you hold on to ...


Verb: The act of one or more festers pumping up a fellow fester or celebrating his actions. When all the festers take their shirts off, smack their pecks, and ...


Define fester (verb) and get synonyms. What is fester (verb)? fester (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


If you say that a situation, problem, or feeling is festering, you disapprove of the fact that it is being allowed to grow more unpleasant or full of anger, because it is  ...


... Occitan fistola, Spanish fístula), from Latin fistula. The verb is derived from the noun, while the “condition of something that festers” noun sense is derived from ...