Fetter definition, a chain or shackle placed on the feet. See more.


Fetter definition is - a chain or shackle for the feet. How to use fetter in ... See the full definition for fetter in the English Language Learners Dictionary. fetter. noun.


fetter meaning: 1. to keep someone within limits or stop them from making progress: 2. to tie someone to a place by putting chains around their ankles.


Define fetter (verb) and get synonyms. What is fetter (verb)? fetter (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


A fetter is a shackle or chain that is attached to someone's ankles. To fetter someone is to restrict their movement, either literally or metaphorically. You might feel ...


Definition of fetter - a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles.


An inbred or mentally challenged individual, usually hailing from the Southern States or remote parts of Canada (Toronto) quite often occupying space in the ...


Define fetter. fetter synonyms, fetter pronunciation, fetter translation, English dictionary definition of fetter. n. 1. A device, usually one of a pair of rings connected ...


What is Fetter? Definition and meaning:FETTER fet'-er: Found only in the plural in both Old Testament and New Testament; fetters of iron (Psalms 10.