Flexible definition, capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler. See more.


flexible meaning: 1. able to change or be changed easily according to the situation: 2. able to bend or to be bent easily without breaking: 3. able to change or be ...


Flexible definition is - capable of being flexed : pliant. How to use ... See the full definition for flexible in the English Language Learners Dictionary. flexible.


Definition of flexible - capable of bending easily without breaking.


flexible meaning, definition, what is flexible: a person, plan etc that is flexible can ...: Learn more.


adj. Capable of inserting one's head in one's own rectum.


flexible definition: The definition of flexible is someone or something that bends easily, is easily persuaded or can be changed easily. (adjective) An example of ...


Define flexible (adjective) and get synonyms. What is flexible (adjective)? flexible (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


There needs to be a sea change when it comes to the question of flexible working. The Sun (2016)Many roles also offer flexible working and the chance to up ...